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Synagogues Montreal

Jewish Renewal in Montreal: Not Your Average Synagogue

If you're looking for synagogues in Montreal that offer more than the usual, there's no need to visit everyone in the city to find them. Go right to Jewish Renewal in Montreal to find a variety of activities that you won't find anywhere else in the area.

One excellent example is Shabbat Yoga, which is held online on Fridays. It combines deep yoga releases with live devotional music. The program promises to let you start your weekend with not only remembrance of the divine, but profound unwinding, as well.

The upcoming Torah Jam is another event not found at other synagogues in Montreal. This is a gathering that happens every month, and features a celebration of shabbat and erev-Shavuot with a veggie potluck, live music, lots of family love, and of course, Torah.

Other events are regularly scheduled, ensuring that you'll always have something to do that involves Jewish Renewal in Montreal. This organization knows that it takes more than providing basic services to create a thriving synagogue community. You'll find a spiritual home at Jewish Renewal that goes beyond religious duty and truly invigorates your spiritual life.

To see the month's upcoming events. Just go to Jewish Renewal's site at Once there, you'll see that the site also offers other perks, such as a Hebrew-English Angel Card, which is typically chosen every week before shabbat. The site also offers the opportunity to choose a verse from Tehillim to inspire you or make you think.

As you can see, this isn't just another of the many synagogues in Montreal. You'll have a unique experience that keeps you engaged and coming back with eagerness. Whether you come to the building or the site, you'll find something waiting for you.

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