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At Lev Shul, we believe that each person's spiritual journey is unique and personal. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to Jewish ritual and that the best way to create meaningful and soulful life cycle events is by tailoring them to your individual needs and beliefs.

We are dedicated to helping you create tender, creative, and personalized ceremonies that are grounded in your values, choices, and priorities. Whether you are celebrating a wedding, a baby naming, or a bar/t mitzvah, we will co-create a ceremony that reflects your unique story and journey.


We believe in incorporating Jewish renewal principles into our rituals, such as music and chanting, self-inquiry, and a focus on personal growth and spiritual development. Through our collaborative and inclusive approach, we aim to help you connect with your innermost self and experience the transformative power of Jewish ritual.


"We wanted to thank you for the wonderful service. You managed to bridge both families from very religious to non-Jewish in something communal, heartwarming and relatable.


We have never attended an event where people went out of their way to ask us about the Rabbi. Thank you so very much."

Philip and Lisa Kalin-Hajdu - Bar Mitzvah

"An unforgettable wedding thanks to you and all your help. You truly made it a joyous and wonderful occasion. Without you, it wouldn't have been the same! Thank you for making it so wonderful for us!"

Samantha & Yakup Kohen - Wedding


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