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Tentative Curriculum & Schedule 

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Semester 01

Exploring Jewish Identity & Heritage

Session 1: Introduction to the Bat Mitzvah Journey * Orientation and program overview * Understanding the significance of the Bat Mitzvah ceremony


Session 2: Foundations of Jewish Renewal * Introduction to Jewish Renewal movement * Exploring the values and principles of Jewish Renewal


Session 3: Connecting with Jewish History * Overview of Jewish history and major milestones * Exploring the diversity of Jewish communities and traditions


Session 4: Exploring Jewish Rituals * Understanding the significance of Jewish rituals in personal and communal life * Exploring rituals such as Shabbat, holidays, and lifecycle events


Session 5: Jewish Spirituality and Prayer * Introduction to Jewish spiritual practices and meditation techniques * Exploring Jewish prayers and their meanings


Session 6: Ethics and Social Justice in Judaism * Exploring Jewish values related to social justice and ethical living * Engaging in discussions on contemporary social issues from a Jewish perspective

Semester 02

Empowerment & Celebrating Selfhood

Session 7: Celebrating Womanhood in Judaism * Exploring the role of women in Jewish history and tradition * Discussing feminist interpretations and perspectives within Judaism


Session 8: Self-Reflection and Personal Growth * Engaging in introspective exercises and self-reflection on personal values and goals * Exploring tools for personal growth and empowerment


Session 9: Building Community and Connection * Exploring the importance of community in Jewish life * Discussing strategies for building and sustaining meaningful connections


Session 10: Leadership and Advocacy * Empowering women as leaders in Jewish and broader communities * Discussing opportunities for advocacy and social change


Session 11: Body, Mind, and Soul * Exploring the intersections of Jewish teachings and holistic well-being * Promoting self-care practices for physical, mental, and spiritual health


Session 12: Creative Expression and Celebrating Talents * Exploring Jewish arts and culture as a form of creative expression * Encouraging participants to share their talents and passions

Semester 03

Bat Mitzvah Preparation & Celebration

Session 13: Understanding the Bat Mitzvah Ceremony * Exploring the meaning and significance of the Bat Mitzvah ceremony * Discussing the responsibilities and opportunities that come with becoming a Bat Mitzvah


Session 14-23: Bat Mitzvah Preparation Sessions (10 sessions) * Guided study and exploration of Torah portions, readings, or other chosen materials * Personalized guidance and support in preparing a Bat Mitzvah presentation * Session 24: Bat Mitzvah Celebration * Online gathering to celebrate the participants' achievements * Sharing of Bat Mitzvah presentations and reflections

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