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Rabbi Near Me

Do You Need to Find a Rabbi Near You?

For most questions of life, regular counselors or life coaches can provide sufficient answers. This, however, is not true of spiritual issues. For those, you need to find a rabbi you can trust to guide you.

Finding the right one isn't always easy, especially if you're not already a member of a local synagogue.

Fortunately, if you're in Montreal, you won't have any problem getting in contact with a rabbi at Lev Shul. This synagogue has three rabbis connected to it, and one is sure to be available to consult with you.

Currently, the rabbis at Lev Shul are Sherril Gilbert, Jordania Goldberg, and Schachar Orenstein. They not only serve the members of their congregation, but all who need help finding good solutions to life's spiritual dilemmas. Contact one of them whenever you need this assistance.

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